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Why Scarves?

My interest developed slowly in creating scarves. Several factors came together including watching ‘What Not To Wear.’ I rarely thought about accessories until then, but I did notice how an average outfit popped with a scarf addition. That thought settled in just as I was rediscovering my joy for knitting and crocheting. An economic crisis meant I had to improvise for Christmas presents and all the family members who lived up north or in the midwest were going to get head and neck wear. I started in August or so last year, right about the time our central AC took a dive for the 3rd time in 5 years. We live in South Florida and we bought two room air-conditioners-window units-to sleeo at night and for the TV room. The bedroom became my crafting studio. I created 10 scarves as presents and then just kept going. The real impetus was a combination of needing to relax, enjoying handcrafting, and seeing how a great scarf can perk up an outfit. So here I am today, a knit and crochet-aholic and loving every minute.


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