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My Collection

March 14, 2009

collage This is almost everything I’ve created for sale. The goal was to make 20 and put them into shops. I keep changing the number though because I keep thinking up more combinations to try. I have created my database to keep track of what is going where and when, so that’s a step forward. […]


February 16, 2009

This scarf made with Lion Brand ‘Incredible’ has a really unique look because it is quarter inch ribbon, not yarn. It is soft, but more a fashion statement than anything. Handwash and air dry, although it won’t need washing often. Easy to work with on large needles, this one is knit and doesn’t work as […]

Why Scarves?

February 14, 2009

My interest developed slowly in creating scarves. Several factors came together including watching ‘What Not To Wear.’ I rarely thought about accessories until then, but I did notice how an average outfit popped with a scarf addition. That thought settled in just as I was rediscovering my joy for knitting and crocheting. An economic crisis […]


February 11, 2009

Paton’s Allure is a truly amazing yarn. It is 100% nylon, made in Turkey, handwash and air dry. It is by far the softest yarn I have ever used. The picture in the first post doesn’t do it justice, but you can get the basic idea that it has multiple fibers and a woven fluff […]


February 10, 2009

Interested in handcrafting?  Knitting, crocheting, jewelry… Will be showcasing a variety of yarns & materials with photos. Enjoy!